Taihou (Bunny)

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Check out my twitter for updates on my models: https://twitter.com/CakeLordVR Back to form with a Playboy bunny anime girl. Thank you Mona~ for the photoshoot! She's Taihou from Azur Lane but based on the artwork by Asanagi (@Victim_Girls) Includes Visemes, Gestures, Dance Emotes, Dynamic Bones, and Colliders. She's got Dynamics on the hair, boobs, and butt, with colliders in both hands. Requires Poiyomi Toon v5.6 or newer, and Dynamic Bones. Built on Unity 2018.4.20f1 67K Tris and 4 Materials.

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Blancer 1610477918 ago

so for some reason her skin has this weird texture on it. along with skin around her eyes and nose being blacked out for some reason.

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Lazzitocon 1607821760 ago

I ain't gonna simp, but damn...

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BunnieBudgie 1607632152 ago

The moment I load the avatar in, everything is all messed up.. The face doesn't even show up- it's like everything loaded in wrong or something..

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ZACK010 1607437792 ago


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