GrimmChild [Hollow Knight|2D Avatar]

Uploaded by TrixxedHeart 1520022639 ago


Become the awakened GrimmChild and get many head-pats!
Comes with the flipbook shader and everything is already set up! all you need to do is upload it!
Art and Sounds for the Avatar are created by Team Cherry. I do not claim ownership for anything.

Other Credits are in the Readme file.

There's a small bug with sitting so you're unable to sit for now this is VRChat's fault I believe.
Also do NOT use emotes it'll break the Avatar until you restart VRChat. Probably also VRChat's fault because of how it treats generic avatars.

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TheLakotanoid1 1522985066 ago

every time i try (even when unintalling/reinstalling the sdk) i get this error: Request finished Successfully, but the server sent an error. Status Code: 404-Not Found Message: Avatar not found

I think something's wrong with the file.

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TheLakotanoid1 1522872043 ago

I never have it open when uploading

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TrixxedHeart Author 1522858094 ago

Make sure you have VRChat closed when uploading it, that might cause it.

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TheLakotanoid1 1522793063 ago

I tried uploading this, and although it says it worked, I can't find it in my avatars list.

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