50K POLYGONS!! LESLIE Avatar by Yukina!!

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50K POLYGONS!! LESLIE Avatar by Yukina!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!! READY UPLOAD WITH LIP SYNC, EYE MOVEMENT, HAND & FACIAL GESTURES, HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT, VIEWPOINT. The unity version I used to make this avatar is: Version 2018.4.20f1. Make sure you use this version. The proper way to import the avatar in Unity: (Follow this, you won't have a problem uploading it) 1. Make a new project 2. Import the vrchat sdk (USE 2.0) 3. Import Dynamic Bones 4. Import the poiyomitoon shader (to avoid pink avatar and messed up textures/materials) use the latest version of poiyomi 5. Import the Unity Package 6. Open the unity scene inside the folder Credits to all the talented artists that made the parts used. Have fun and thank you for downloading! You can add me on discord if you have questions, suggestions, or commissions: Aillene#0114

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ZACK010 1609425449 ago


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Mckitty 1618071533 ago

I love your avatars they work so well and are so fun to edit. It you take requests pls make an oversized Tshirt version it would be awesome! <3

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