Drip Jacket

Uploaded by Hell raven okuu 1609929577 ago


ayo got that mf DRIP Quickly thrown together model, unity package contains FBX+Textures, best off putting it on an avatar through blender.

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Pastacotta 1610758045 ago

got the proportions right and everything for my model, but when i go to join the meshes the entire jacket loses its texture, any suggestions on how to fix this or if im doing something wrong?

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ijustpissedreallyloudly 1610733928 ago

How should I go about adding this to my avatar in blender? Just transfer weights or something?

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Z3R0 1610593922 ago

how do you put this in blender

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CallMeCameron 1610323751 ago

Took me forever to get this weight painted to my Sonic Heroes avatar but it looks nice haha, thanks for uploading

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Gr4yChap 1609955739 ago

Lol this is great

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