Usada Pekora (SDK3) v1.01

Uploaded by Lyeco 1610407409 ago


Usada Pekora from Hololive
It's that Crazy rabbit that says Pekopeko. Also this version was uploaded in Pekora's Birthday! What a coincidence.

Poiyomi Shader 6
Dynamic bones

Contains Visemes, Emotes, Accessories and Gestures

F3 or Open Hand: Pain-Peko
F4 or Finger Point: Scared
F5 or Victory: Happy Wink
F6 or RocknRoll: Evil Hehe
F8 or Thumbsup: Waooo

Added Blink

Problems? Contact me on Discord: Healbot #1337

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spacegalaxyspet 1610764609 ago

anal sex !!

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ADF-11F 1610748755 ago

Good Job because of you not thinking about the Hololive rules the download is now blocked

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GooseGoose 1625453703 ago

Hello, Lyeco!! Could you share the original mmd file of Pekora uploaded on Nico 3d? I can't get it because the distribution is interrupted. I really want to use it in my mmd Unity project.

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aku 1616588869 ago

Hey, is there a way to remove the face expression because it makes this model impossible to use in VR.

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Naggy 1610648335 ago

Is it quest compatible?

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Hell raven okuu 1610553916 ago

simp tuber

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sophienix 1610524911 ago

why is it pink when i put it in unity

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ZACK010 1610431667 ago


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