Public Release - VP Mommy Lisa

Uploaded by Elemental 1611274889 ago


This is a VP (Virtual Pantheon) themed "Lisa" model from "Genshin Impact". This is one of our monthly PUBLIC avatar releases! This avatar includes; > White/Black AV3 Toggle > Hue Shift > Minigun to protect the cuties You will need: Poiyomi 6.0 or higher SDK3-Avatars Interested in more avatars, or parties? Join our discord!

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BaileeN 1614434209 ago

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I've been looking for.

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ZACK010 1611325325 ago


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NaTaKuDesPicable 1611301431 ago

uploadad public i assume i only ask because im super new to avatar making and also can we edit this ?

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