Awareness Ribbon

Uploaded by KawaiiFira 1611426010 ago


Good morning. ^__^ I've made a ribbon pin from scratch in blender. Feel free to use it as you like, just don't claim as yours or sell it on its own. It comes with a prefab that makes it an Epilepsy Awareness Ribbon, but this can be changed by changing or applying new materials. It is glow in the dark, so that it can be readable no matter what lighting you're in. This can be changed as well. Each part of the ribbon can be changed as I applied multiple material slots. Feel free to share this wherever or use it however you like. :musical_note: Hope you enjoy! :love_hug: -KawaiiFira

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LePanShark 1611657837 ago

Looks really cool dude!

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Hell raven okuu 1611602577 ago

ah yes 5 materials for my tiny 20k poly pin, please be aware i have both health and brain issues

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Skrynbox 1611514746 ago


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