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(New updated SDK only requires changing Crouch_idle anim to stand_Still anim in the crouch Blend Tree to fix it(come on you can do this ez guys xD)) Hello. - This is 2 custom 3.0 locomotions that I made to add an extra layer to stop avatar from crouching when sitting in a chair, to crouch you'll have to be even lower than default for avatar to crouch. The 2nd one is a test for disabling locomotion and only idle animations left + falling animation is still default. - How to Put it: --Look at the picture. :) Starting with ones that already set their avatar descriptor, just put it in Base Layer of the Playable Layer and it should work, then Publish avatar(You can detach avatar ID to create a new avatar to not mess with your first one). For Ones that are still beginners in 3.0: 0- Before you install the package, Install the VRC SDK3.0! 1- Put your avatar prefab(Or Scene) from the project tab in the Hierarchy. 2- Select the avatar, if it doesn't have a descriptor in the inspector tab, press Add Component and search for (VRC Avatar Descriptor Script). 3- Once you set everything you need, in Playable Layers Press Customize and you should see Base (Default Locomotion). 4- Press on the Default Locomotion to customize it. 5- Go to Controllers Folder in Project Tab and drag the Locomotion_Custom to the Base Layer. 6- go to VRC SDK/Control Panel and Publish avatar. - I'll try to monitor comments when I have time(or bored lol) if you have any questions or feedbacks.

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