Public Release - Minotaur Girl (Overalls)

Uploaded by Elemental 1612749490 ago


This is one of our monthly PUBLIC avatar releases! This avatar includes; > Breast Menu - Size Slider - Gyro > Penis Menu - Human cock - Horse cock - Size slider - Gyro > Skin menu - all skin tones interchangeable in AV3 Menu > Horn menu - all horns tones interchangeable in AV3 Menu > Hair menu - all hair interchangeable in AV3 Menu - Hue Shift on each hairstyle > Accessories Menu - piercings - cowbell > Clothing menu - Each piece of clothing can be removed individually > Gesture swap menu - Can swap between regular gestures or lewd gestures setup in AV3 Menu You will need: -Latest SDK3-Avatars -Poiyomi 6.1.15 or higher -Dynamic bones Interested in more avatars, or parties? Join our discord!

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tonytheofficer 1613411113 ago

this didnt seem to work for me, anytime i tried to upload it, it kept making prefabs. i had all the stuff required, it all looked like it would work, but didnt at all.

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Altra 1613175646 ago

This avatar doesnt have hue shifts on the clothing, even though its on the radial menu it only applies to certain avatars

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Doharo 1613165523 ago

Could you make a eboy xD

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PotatoMango 1613074499 ago

I'm having trouble with the color changing, and extra clothes like the socks and shoes

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Jac_Crozbonez 1613023880 ago

I am trying to upload this one into VRchat from Unity 2018.4.20f1, but I might be doing something wrong

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SpitDragon 1612872678 ago

I... Love... You...

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ZACK010 1612760908 ago


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