Kurisu Makise lab coat version

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Kurisu Makise (Kurisutina) from the Anime/Game STEINS:GATE
this model uses dynamic bones and cubed shaders
It has viscemes and eye tracking
manual decimation/mesh correction and manual atlas
the sister model of my previous kurisu
improved a little bit in the assignations of weight
still trying to improve in the decimation that ruins the knees when sitting
i haven´t learned to create animations so the dr. pepper cans will have to wait
hope you enjoy it and improve it
Original MMD model by https://elrincondelkitsune.blogspot.com.ar/2012/10/mmd-kurisu-makise-windows-100.html

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Mijin 1521583909 ago

Screenshots in lieu of artwork would be nice.

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krazyman159 1520288900 ago

glad to see your making steady progress on these models i hope you get better and better as we see how far you cango i hope you update soon

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Kurisutina 1520244901 ago

Yeah, this website seems to not like unicode emojis...lol

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Kurisutina 1520244851 ago

Fantastic! I was waiting for this one! Thank you! Oh and I hope one day I'll be able to see the dr.pepper in an animation too!! ( ? ? ? )b

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