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Rigged + Lip sync + Dynamic Bones + Eye tracking and blinking.

1. Install VRCSDK
2. Import package and load scene(.unity), not (.fbx).

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Maison 1555175338 ago

Be so kind, tell me how to pick up the staff to the avatar?

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BustR75 1531095718 ago

on the material can you change outline mode to tinted and the color to white

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cynxis 1525306898 ago

can you rip kazuma's model as well?

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DatBoiSunny 1523049187 ago

By going to the dynamic bones components on the model & changing the Stiffness value

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Edolas 1523031670 ago

@DatBoiSunny How do you change the stiffness in the skirt?

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Murasame 1522512759 ago

@DatBoiSunny I just removed the skirt's dynamic bones. Works great.

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Azrily 1522266360 ago

When I try to use this, her bang is up in her hat, that's probably the only issue I have.

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DatBoiSunny 1522143245 ago

@Murasame I tend to just increase the Stiffness in the skirt to about 0.8 - 0.9 to stop that

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Murasame 1521829976 ago

Nice model, but how do i fix the panties clipping through the skirt? Or can you upload a fix?

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DarkArrow 1520271990 ago

@DanteInFernow I know that there was but i always wanted my own personal one to be able to change into, i do like that the one on the pedestals had a model with the cape and hat removed but like i said im just really happy to finally have a personal one im so grateful. Also i noticed the hat has a thing when you move it clips through the hair, its noticeable but it doesn't bother me very much but just thought i'd let everyone know.

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ExperiencedTribesman 1520269105 ago


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DanteInfernow 1520247271 ago

@DarkArrow, actually there're some Megumin on pedestals in a few worlds in VRChat, so you could actually already use it since months ago ^^''''

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DarkArrow 1520240722 ago

I just absolutely want to thank you so much for making this, ever since i started playing VRChat months ago iv'e waited for someone to make this avatar so that i could you and you finally have done that for me so i thank you good sir.

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