Basic WolfBoy

Uploaded by Nolando 1615616189 ago


Hello, This is my WolfBoy model its pretty basic, but anyways model is 100% ready to upload Recommended using SDK 3.0 you can use 2.0 but i have it set up on 3.0 Make sure you use Poiyomi version 7.0.100 And comes with DynamicBones so make sure you put that in the assets folder before you drop in your model Join My Discord For Updates/Pre-Release/Help |

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death phoenix 1639788325 ago

It's good

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Noel 1616774684 ago

Hey, your discord invite seems to have timed out :(. Is there any licence attached to these assets (I'm new to VRCmods)

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Bossburnz 1616558820 ago

How do i get dynamic bones? (sorry im still beginner on unity)

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LePanShark 1616158858 ago

Good job!

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Gloxain 1619208140 ago

there is no assetbundle is that normal?

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