Leo The Lion Girl.

Uploaded by Laezor 1520352765 ago


Leo The Lion Girl by MiyukiOhayashi

Model converted to VRChat by Laezor.

Model has:
-Eye tracking/Blinking.
-Mouth visemes.
-Dynamic bones.
-Three Hand Gestures

The package contains only the model, so in your scene you must have cubed shaders and the vrcsdk, then you can import the model.

click on the Leon The Lion Girl unity file to load everything.


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gutwrenching 1545625534 ago

i just wanted to let you know that this is against TDA's rules. he doesnt allow his works to be used out of MMD. uwu

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cite 1603338942 ago

You should not port this model into other programs (such as VRChat).

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CorruptedChaos1994 1543199645 ago

So I love this avatar so much but the breast are bothering me. Would love to make this my number 2 avatar to use if only this breast thing were fixed

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Guppyriella 1520738400 ago

make a Aries on please

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FishonFire 1520617862 ago

Downloaded this model, looks great, but yes the skin seems to clip through clothing around breast area. I was told to just delete the skin under all clothes in blender. Blender and me aren't that great of friends, but I will attempt it later when I have time unless someone uploads a fixed version.

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iToastWaffle 1520566984 ago

This is a great model, but the boobs move and the clothes on top of it doesn't, Maybe you can fix it or can someone tell me how to fix it please?

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