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its nutter! packed with the decal shader, doesnt have the poiyomi slime shader. make the ocupacity on the shader 0. and make it look like the original. P.S. IF THE DECAL DONT WORK! TURN ON YOUR SCENE LIGHTING, MAKE THE RENDERER THE DEFAULT UNITY CUBE, USE A DEPTHGET IF YOUR USING ANOTHER AVATAR!


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TehBucket2 1617720690 ago


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Decal Author 1617490003 ago


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SPorie 1617489347 ago

wait did you rip it or remake it?

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Wagonpro13 1617432504 ago

I just took nutter without any shaders and called it evil lol

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ZACK010 1617389756 ago

$...€...X.......... :)

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GoofyGrapeCash 1617377595 ago

i made a baby nutter for yt anyways lol

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Decal Author 1617375059 ago

you can use it? lmao

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GoofyGrapeCash 1617360835 ago

WARNING this is ripped from someone dont use or you could get banned

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Altimatum x 1617336087 ago

using this on No Nut November

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