Kohzie's TrashBoi

Uploaded by Kohzie 1618199507 ago


My own personalisation and optimization of the notorious trash model. - You will need to import the following shaders in order to achieve the respresentation of the avatar: - PoiyomiToon (https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases) The metallic shader is included within the package. - After importing PoiyomiToon shaders, the VRChat SDK, and the avatar of course, simply drag and drop the prefab provided within the asset folders of the model. If the material and the avatar appears pink you may have to re-apply the sahder to the material. Besides that, the avatar is fully upload ready. - This avatar is rated excellent performance by VRChat. - Polygons: 31,855 Skinned Meshes: 1 Material Slots: 2 Animators: 1 Bones: 49 - JOIN THE DISCORD FOR RELEVANT CONTENT AND SUPPORT! https://discord.gg/dJAeJYXrY4

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carlozo36 1618375076 ago

Hello, the model is beautiful, I would like to know if I can convert it into VRM format, or if you could help me, Greetings from the Country of Peru, I await your answer brother

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Dingo 1642145096 ago

Hey, I am trying to upload this avatar to vr chat and Its uploading and everything like i can select and load into the avatar, but its invisible do you know of any way to fix that?

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MadDugQc 1636120980 ago

can i use this model in my youtube channel

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nerox_639 1633389138 ago

The original creator is crabman823.

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Vapor likes men 1621254158 ago

Why does it keep saying missing mono script i am using unity btw ad when i click publish avatar nothing happens.

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callmechad 1618725841 ago

Hey men ! i have a tiny issue imagine you'r talking to an actual baboon how would i go about fixing the character being pink :P i watched the video u linked and failed miserably making it all red in the process XD

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Dababy Convertile 1618316983 ago


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ZACK010 1618256389 ago

$...€...X.......... :)

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Garroth 1618234635 ago


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