Eve By Fluffy

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Heyo. Here's another model i made a few months back. It is a 2.0 model (dont use 3.0 sdk). Made this when i got into making models so excuse the rim lighting lol just remove it to be honest. Don't claim as your own or sell this model, works well with fbt. Feel free to add me on vrchat my name is Fluffy (with a heart symbol next to it) Sorry im very busy so please don't add me on discord if you need help with unity or making models. Also don't download if you have no unity experience (just ask a friend). Import dynamic bones, poiyomi shader, and sdk before importing model. Comes with FBX and all textures (body and head texture edited by me)

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gunmaster929 1618371587 ago

good luck finding out where what materials go where

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Kimari13 1618300583 ago


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LovelyLucy 1618350720 ago

Hi. Just wondering if you have a discord server I could join to keep up with your avatar wips and updates. I really like your avatars.

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silviaheart 1644026228 ago

WOuld like to see more content from you NSFW or SFW.. ^_^ keep at it pleas

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MinakoTheOnly 1625842094 ago

No idea where the material is for the metal bits and ears

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-Swift- 1618856947 ago

idk man the underwear is clipping upwards

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NuggetThief 1618704996 ago

where do you get these models from? Ive been looking for some

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Hoodytm 1618429185 ago

the underwaer seems a bit broken cause the vagina and the asshole are looking through

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ZACK010 1618376448 ago


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