Ling Ling by Fluffy

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Ling Ling by Fluffy. Hey, this is just a simple avatar i made, since i had to take down my old model since i didnt test it properly. Chopsticks are made by me. Head is Edited my me as well. Its sfw, no toggles. Import Vrchat SDK 2.0, Dynamic bones, and Poiyomi before importing the model. Feel free to edit it in any way, please do not sell or claim as your own. It's free for a reason! Feel free to add me on vrchat my two accounts are Fluffy (with a heart) and Priority. Please dont download if you have no unity experience, i can not help if you encounter any issues. Take note that im still a beginner in model making.


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NeuroticMei 1619322516 ago

Ling Ling is an actual Chinese name that is still in use. Hell it's even the name of a place in China. So no it's not racist. It's only racist if you make it racist. Which only says something about you.

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SpitDragon 1619327908 ago

Love your stuffy, Fluffy!

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FluffyHeart Author 1619113207 ago

didnt put dynamic bones in hair.. it was late x.x

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Knownscorpion 1619501170 ago

where can i get the base?

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FlobySop64 1619121466 ago


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ZACK010 1619103594 ago

$up€r $...€...X.......... :)

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taeyeon 1619265010 ago

why does the name of your creation have to be racist?

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DSsolar 1619262202 ago

that colth is kor not fucking xijin ping

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