Murciélago (Succubus) 3.0

Uploaded by CakeLord 1619741209 ago


Check out my twitter for updates on my models: A complete remake and replacement of my earlier model, now in 3.0. Package includes the Full and green-stat Safe versions. Includes Visemes, Gestures, Outfit Menus, Cloth, and Dynamic Bones. Dynamic Colliders are on the hands, Cloth component on the skirt, and Dynamic Bones are on the Chest, Butt, Tail, and Ears. Requires Poiyomi Toon v6.1, and Dynamic Bones. Requires the latest VRChat SDK3. Built on Unity 2018.4.20f1 53K Tris and 6 Materials. Make sure you are using Poiyomi Toon 6.1 and re-import it to your project. If that doesn't work, create a new project and import the SDK, Shader, Dynamic Bones, and the Avatar in that order.


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