Paper Mario 64 and Thousand Year Door - 3D Character Sprites (Easy to use!)

Uploaded by Vile3D 1619873976 ago


Paper Mario 64 and the Thousand Year door were my favorite games of all time. Nintendo, please remaster them! These Sprite were taken from and cut out using Photoshop. I then used the Error.Dll retro shader on the 1 directional option to turn the sprites with transparent backgrounds into character pieces. Replicas of how they were used in Paper Mario. Now you can make your own too! I was going to make Mario's house into a map when I was still on VRC, but I saw Takato beat me to it. So if you read this, consider using these for some npcs my guy. Shader Link: Credit: The Pharaoh of VRChat. Noahhound. You know who you are, keep making awesome stuff my guy and thanks for showing me this shader, otherwise I would have never had this idea. Please consider playing these two masterpieces, you won't regret it!


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