Geronimon [Updated] (Requires Double Sided Shaders)

Uploaded by TheGlitchExe 1520613989 ago


Updated and no longer glitchy. For this however you have to download "Double Sided Shaders" from the Unity Asset store (It's for free):
The only thing else you have to do is applying the shader "Ciconia Studio/Double Sided/Transparent/Diffuse Bump Cutout" to the gerotex and gerotex1 materials.
(If you have a low graphic card it may look a bit glitchy in Unity and Vrchat (except when looking into the mirror on the Uganda map)).
Credits to NeoUltimo, ASousaPro Jakkaeront and BigJohnnyCool (Deviantart)
Original MMD download link:
Artwork by BigJohnnyCool (Deviantart)

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TrixxedHeart 1520736187 ago

The reason for the "feather glitch" is how Unity culls, so if it's a single face it'll cause the back to side to cull and not show. this is why Skirts/Dresses seem to become invisible when looking from below (you pervert)

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