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Mini by Fluffy. I will not give out the nsfw version. Import Vrchat SDK 2.0, Dynamic bones, and Poiyomi shader before importing the model. (And any metal shader for piercings) Feel free to edit it in any way, please do not sell or claim as your own. It's free for a reason! Feel free to add me on vrchat my account is Fluffy (with a heart). Please dont download if you have no unity experience, i can not help if you encounter any issues. Take note that im still a beginner in model making so there may be clipping or scuffs. For model updates: i do not have a discord server. Viseme details (vrc.sil is Teeth none upper and vrc.pp is Hmm) I always mess up visemes ;P Credits: (ghost kitty) Me (head) Edit by Me i tried replicating another head (skirt) Nauuki (choker) Sezzy (hoodie) Nyakoh (base) Pandaabear


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LePanShark 1620302657 ago

This is so adorable!!

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ZACK010 1620269447 ago

$up€r $...€...X.......... :)

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JohnyTexas 1620668477 ago


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ll1k4 1620422414 ago

All your avatars are very cool, keep posting masterpieces, I am sure that you are already very popular on this site ^^

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zajohnno 1623876012 ago

is this model quest compatible, and if not, would you mind if I make a quest compatible version for my wife?

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