Madness Combat Models Pack One [SFM CONVERSION]

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the staff and this websites horrible design are blocking me from uploading the complete pack, so feel free to grab it off my drive genuinely hate it here :') === Models originally made by MAN_ticore, converted to Unity by myself. === INFO === Original Links: Gmod - SFM - This pack includes Hank, MAG Hank, Deimos, MAG Torture Grunts, Zombies, ATP Engineers, ATP Soldats and Agents. Other Zombie alts, Sanford, Tricky and weaponry will be ready soon and provided below. THERE ARE NO CUSTOM ANIMATIONS/SHADERS/DYNAMIC BONES, THIS IS *JUST* THE FBX FILES AND TEXTURES. (This means you can port them to SDK2 or SDK3 without much issue) === MODEL STATS === MAG Hank: 20k Tris, 55 Bones Hank: 79k Tris, 57 Bones Deimos: 30k Tris, 56 Bones Torture: 15k Tris, 55 Bones Agent: 15k Tris, 54 Bones ATP Engineer: 20k Tris, 52 Bones ATP Soldat: 20k Tris, 54 Bones Grunt: 17k Tris, 55 Bones (Has 3 clothing variants) Zombie: 20k Tris, 56 Bones (Has 4 clothing variants) You can find a video about these models here: === PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF MAN_TICORE AND DO NOT USE THESE MODELS FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES!!!


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willis8080 1621589232 ago

Yes, my childhood has been arrived.

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PhoenixAce 1621199248 ago

hahaha i have many ideas now for animations

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JellyBeanzz 1620678644 ago

any chance you know how to fix a steam workshop model so it works for vrc?

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senpai02 1620501532 ago

can you do mtf models from scp

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