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World I had previously used as my official avatar world. This world is the perfect template to create your own personal world for avatars, sleeping, to chill and more. - Here is a short preview of how the world looks in-game: https://youtu.be/hGbo4bgX82k - Before importing the world, make sure you have both the VRChat SDK 2 imported, the latest version of PoiyomiToon shaders, and the Post Processing package installled using the Package Manager. - PoiyomiToon: https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases/download/7.1.60/PoiyomiToon7.1.60.unitypackage - VRChat SDK 2: https://vrchat.com/home/download - This world is upload ready, simply open the 'Kohzie's World' scene located within the asset folders or drag and drop the prefab in your hierarchy or scene. This world is fairly optimized, being roughly 16Mb in size. If you have any issues you can add my discord or join my discord for support: - JOIN THE DISCORD FOR RELEVANT CONTENT AND SUPPORT! https://discord.gg/dJAeJYXrY4

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Stig 1621716452 ago

Great Job <3

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Cavny 1621707937 ago


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Learn how to install avatars, models and more here! Very quick 1 minute easy to follow videos.

All avatars, models, and unity content included in Unitypackages are scanned for malicious and incorrectly configured files.