Glitch Shader [Jump Scare]

Uploaded by Terminal 1520694730 ago


Apply the shader anywhere, avatar, object be creative with it senpai.

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Mijin 1521582759 ago

Nice instructions. So unclear my wiafu hung herself.

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Tyronester19 1608104065 ago

does this work for quest?

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4K 1535821023 ago

It kind of works but you need textures that complement it well enough, but even then it kinda has its problems where objects around the shader don't really render. can still be used for a very good parallax effect. it has its uses. good work none the less

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alesonic5 1532928339 ago

How do I use it ?

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for ducks sake 1532439257 ago

how to use?

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Entidade404 1521083263 ago

how to use ???

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HaveFun 1520873719 ago

Nice. Thank you)

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kok0roki 1520765119 ago

cant seem to find your shader

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