Hijikata Toushirou

Uploaded by manek 1520806069 ago


recently started watching gintama and it´s hilarious
i found this model along many costumes this whas one of them
source https://bowlroll.net/file/33933
the model is ready but it doesn´t identify the scene

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manek Author 1534740322 ago

@john smith thanks to report it ill try to correct them soon

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John Smith 1534653942 ago

Small buttons are not in their places and when the character crouches in the VR mode, the knees move toward each other.

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SauseMane 1521262874 ago

Do you think you could do Gintoki?

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manek Author 1520962109 ago

you need cubed shaders in order to see the coat there is also a compatibility issue with amd graphic cards

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Slicknick97 1520848546 ago

Is the coat supposed to be see through in unity?

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TheUnknownM 1520808492 ago

This model is awesome! Thanks for uploading this.

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