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This package requires: Avatar 3.0 SDK Dynamic Bones Poiyomi 7.1.53 or higher (Poiyomi dislikes being updated over an older version, so delete the old folder and apply the newer version.) Orange Haired Shortstack or: How I learned to stop sleeping and suffer the THICCNESS. To use: Drag the prefab, not the FBX, under Assets/Avatars/Shortstack/ into your scene or hierarchy. Lock in materials manually or go straight to upload (materials get locked upon uploading), this process takes some time first upload so be patient. Enjoy your uploaded avatar. Features include: -3 different Hairstyles, with adjustable hair hue, brightness, and saturation. -Boobs with adjustable size and gyro. Boobs also move less depending on clothes worn, fancy, and was a mess to set up. -Individually toggleable clothes. -Dick with size slider, gyro, and erect toggle. Also includes a version with no bones, shape keys etc. for use with penetration shader. -Slider for different skin shine, mostly for looking more oily. -Toggle for a lewd set of facial gestures with mouth steam. -Shape keys to give sharp teeth, different ears, sharper chin etc. for some extra individuality. Tips: -Color Adjust in Poiyomis shader can be used to make things brighter or darker, next to adding color normally. This is better than using emission as a brightness slider. Editing the textures is usually still better though. -Decals are a powerful feature in the shader to add textures onto the base texture. Good for tattoos and other things. -Textures of some of the other VP avatars can be also used with this one and vice versa. Most notably body, face, and eye textures. How curious. -Some of the outfits make use of alpha masking on the body to prevent skin clipping out and a material change when the clothing is turned off to make the body full appear. If you change the body material, make sure that in the animation it still toggles to the material you want. FAQ: Q: My model is all purple. A: This means an issue with the shader, either you don't have Poiyomi shader added or an old version. Try removing the old Poiyomi folder and applying the newest version. Q: My uploaded avatar has no menu or features. A: You probably dragged in the FBX and not the .prefab. The prefab contains an already setup avatar while the FBX is the raw 3D model. Q: It won't let me upload, the upload and publish button is greyed out. A: You can only upload when all avatars in the scene have no errors, most errors can be easily fixed by clicking auto fix. Check through them all in the build menu. Interested in more avatars, or parties? Join our discord!

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