Pupper by Fluffy

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Pupper by Fluffy. FBX Included. Don't claim as your own, if you use my head edit please credit me. Don't sell this model it's free for a reason. Edit anyway you'd like!. I use poiyomi pro 6.0 but you can use whatever. I wont teach you blender or unity please only download if you know how to upload avatars. Model Updates: Instagram.com/Fluffy.vrc More free models: Gumroad.com/fluffyheart Viseme details (vrc.sil is Teeth none upper and vrc.pp is Hmm) Credits: (dress) Siren (head) Edit by Me (hair) Bobbyx & Boo (choker) Mochi (heels) Deimos (base) Pandaabear

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ZACK010 1624373286 ago

$...€...X.......... :)

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