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DISCLAIMER: These gestures may not work on all models, especially the thumbs up. This can vary depending on the models bone structure in the hands. Also the model in the picture is not included, this is just an example.

This pack can be useful for beginners who wish to animate face emotes, but keep the standard hand gestures. The first folder will include a 1 frame animation to help you copy it over easier. It may be best to create a duplicate model, then drag the animation over and copy the frames to paste to your main animation.

The 2nd folder will include the standard 2 frame gestures and a test controller. The test controller can be used to make sure the gestures in the pack actually work on your model. This saves time instead of putting a lot of work into it, only to find out your hands don't look right.

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pcenginefx 1521048153 ago

First off, thanks Jinx for this! I did have a request - can you update this to include the hand position for defaults? (Like hand opening, hand idle?) I want to trigger a face animation but don't want my hands to move when I trigger it as I'm using a gesture override to do it....

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Jinx Author 1520886866 ago

@Snaps Site downloads are currently broken, their looking into it on discord it seems.

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Snaps 1520885227 ago

Hey, not sure about anyone else, it downloads as a 0 kb unitypackage for me, and it fails to import the package with error: Couldn't decompress package. Supposedly because it's 0kb

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Dragonrider 1520855802 ago


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Jinx Author 1520840272 ago

@IndigoDrop Not a model I plan to upload just yet, but it is currently in my avatar world "Jinx & Friends avatar World".

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IndigoDrop 1520839529 ago

Just downloaded. Thanks for uploading Jinx. Would you consider uploading the model shown in the picture by any chance? Just wondering because it looks really nice.

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