Hazbin Hotel & HelluvaBoss model's Pack 2

Uploaded by zATOMIC 1626670497 ago


This is the second part of the models I've been working on over the last year or two. As I said in the first pack I'm giving these out as I want nothing to do with the Hazbin community as of it being too toxic and after being harassed. These was my private models along with some extras. My private ones did get stolen so I'm just going to make them public. Same with the first, some models in this pack are not edited by me but they are free to grab on sketchfab or other places.... At some point I want to give my Hotel map out as I have no need for it due to all the problems I faced in that community that lead to serious IRL problems.... IN THIS PACK: Sir Pentious 2x Fizzarolli Husk Loona Razzle Dazzle Valentino

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mindlessgonzo 1627618040 ago

Is it me or does the textures on Loona have a weird outline?

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Bongmaster 1626783321 ago

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences :( are thos your worlds in vrchat? i relaly liked them and the avatars.

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