Public Release - Massachusetts Casual (Gold)

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This is the USS Massachusetts from Azur Lane. This is one of our customized releases! This avatar includes; > NSFW Toggles > Hue Shift Slider > Breast Size Slider You will need: - Poiyomi 7.2 or higher - Dynamic Bones - Latest VRC SDK3 (Avatars) Import these packages FIRST, before importing the model package! If you do not follow this, you WILL have problems! Interested in more avatars, or parties? Join our discord!

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ArcaneEntity 1646389694 ago

yo, some of the body and hair goes purple, and i have added the other mods first.

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Rosaliexoxouwu 1645918164 ago

broken the avi only has its clothes visible in game

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RFPS_MK2 1644364064 ago


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Taderax 1640981483 ago


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sonicthehedgehog 1627148952 ago

i forbid sex in chat

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