BLG'S Nikeii

Uploaded by BLG18 1627178031 ago


Ah yes. Classic nikeii, but come's with different blendshape. Expressions etc etc. You know it. Sure nikeii is overrated but. Uploading it for the sake of it so people stop asking me about it. Just a reminder, make sure to change the materials to standard or whatever you like to choose. If it says missing chest, go to configure and put the chest bone in there. That'll fix it up. Enjoy

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Legoman99573 1627457175 ago

Custom Sex

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SPorie 1627318999 ago

isnt it named Nikei?

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UnityTrap 1627259621 ago

I just checked the blendshapes, they are all at 0 and I checked it's animations and they are all the standard animations stills smirks randomly, whenever I look up my expression changes too.

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UnityTrap 1627210437 ago

Avatar randomly smirks, do I have to go back into Blender for this?

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