Nardoragon Warmers

Uploaded by Kohzie 1627318972 ago


Simply some warmers to make your Nardoragon cosy. - This package includes the arm warmers and thigh highs, the according blend shapes for the warmers to scale to the female proportions, and not the Nardoragon model of course. You can get the Nardoragon model from it's respectful owner on Gumroad @Nardo: - In order to achieve the presented aesthetic, you are required to utilize the PoiyomiToonShaders: - If you have any issues then please comment below, otherwise you can contact me on discord @Kohzie#0001 for extra support. - Thank you for using my model, I hope you enjoy.


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Garroth 1628016327 ago

i love you <3

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MR0UNKNOWN 1627320960 ago

gud shit

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