Ghastly the Fox Girl (dynamics, eyetracking, blinking, emotes)

Uploaded by Dragonrider 1520993068 ago


Ghastly the Fox Girl Lipsync, dynamics, eye tracking, blinking, emotes

Have fun! :D

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( I left the "original" avatar in the materials for the risk takers. )


It was a funny story, because I wanted this avatar for soo long, but the original editor on vrcmod never update it.
And after a month of learning blender and unity, I was like.. I can do pretty much do any mmd model now. So why not give it a try?
I went 5 hours, to perfect the character, where I streamed for 3 hours. Overlapping the holes in edit mode that caused because of the decimations.
It was a great challenge for me. And the end results was, that I was confused with.. which one was the decimated one, and which one wasn't.. Pretty funny. haha.
But yea, I want to share this all with you guys.
I hope you can enjoy what I made, and most important .. Have fun!!! :D

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Hayan 1545677000 ago

I was just looking at the bone mesh as a good example, then I found out the left hand wrist bone mesh was twisted, so I adjusted the bone lengths same as the right arm by myself. If you read this comment, would you please fix it for the future users

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ramennoodles 1529286890 ago

I know this was posted a while ago but does this model have expressions?

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JeKKtster 1526982404 ago

Nice Avatar. Thanks Man

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Tom333444 1522588396 ago

Like, I cant change the tail's texture like putting a shader on it.

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Dragonrider Author 1522551706 ago

What do you mean by "tail material"?

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Tom333444 1522549113 ago

No tail material?

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Rika360 1521145288 ago

@Dragonrider, muchas gracias, amo a todos tus modelos hahaha

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Dragonrider Author 1521111348 ago

English please. Thanks!

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Rika360 1521105566 ago

@Dragonrider, muchas gracias me an encantado todos tus modelos gracias...

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Dragonrider Author 1521057638 ago

Oo, thank you so much! (:

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krazyman159 1521057522 ago

@Dragonrider don't worry about it he's a good avatar maker whos learned blender and unity for 2 months similar to you is all

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Dragonrider Author 1521057250 ago

Who is Shonzo?

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krazyman159 1521055629 ago

you sound like shonzo but not that perverted this is pretty good hope you can add more to it

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pcenginefx 1521046548 ago

Thanks for updating the model! How many polys does this have?

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MissBumbleBee 1521045371 ago

If i PM you on discord could you make me an avatar from a mmd model from DeviantArt?

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Sabier 1521014744 ago

I'd pay you a generous amount of money if you could help convert 2 models that I wanted into vrchat for me

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ggqf 1521008288 ago

i mean it was updated a month ago

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xcynicism 1521007906 ago

Thanks for the upload. I'll test it later :). Anyways probably should link the original source or well model creator from deviantart in the description. On a side note, does this have moving ears?

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Dragonrider Author 1520995154 ago

I did a month ago, he said he would but he never did.
And I downloaded, edited, fixed all the problems it had.
And this is the results of 5 hours hard work. ^^

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TheUnknownM 1520994821 ago

Someone already uploaded this model.

Ask the creator if you want him to update it.

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