3D Uganda Knuckles Queen (Rigged)

Uploaded by EpicMaster3D 1521014053 ago


Da queen is now 3D! I've used some random models and some from here all in good fun ^^ Have fun with this and credit to the original person who made the Kitsune Knuckles mod! :D (Btw sorry there's a mission material texture for the crown, just create new texture and turn it to yellow then turn the shine up and down the way you want)

Link to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4xGNYoKFxvAZcc84BQrnUg?view_as=subscriber

Link gallery DA: https://epicmaster3d.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/

Link Colors3D! Gallery: http://colorslive.com/mygallery

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nanostar 1548124137 ago

I made it way better lmao with editing

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Cokey 1527950625 ago

b l o o d y h e l l

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Faxanadu 1522457671 ago

is it me or dose she have 2 right feet...

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Stumack 1521264708 ago

Looks good but two moths to late in my opinion.

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TrixxedHeart 1521137984 ago

honestly the model is glorious

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LeiftheMan 1521101763 ago

Strength in Unity, do you mean me or Radelos?

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DeathShiva 1521075771 ago

Hmmm for some reason the crown is coming up pink & I can't locate the material for the crown to change it.

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Strength In Unity 1521074958 ago

Whining people like you are the reason it's still going

0 Reply
Radelos 1521024318 ago

its kinda funny xD but yes just why o why

0 Reply
LeiftheMan 1521017662 ago


just let the meme die already

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