Nya by Fluffy

Uploaded by FluffyHeart 1628353078 ago


Dont claim as your own, Edit anyway you want, I use poiyomi toon, you can use whatever you want, This avatar is 2.0 sdk, Don't sell this model it's free for a reason, I wont teach you blender or unity please only download if you know how to upload avatars. Add me on vrchat- Fluffy (with a heart) Model Updates: Instagram.com/fluffy.vrc More avatars: https://payhip.com/fluffyheart Credits Choker-Cupkake (read her rules) Head- TDA Edit by me Body- Pandaabear (edited by me) Headband- Camyyy Outfit- Nauuki Hair- Wetcat Heels- Yukina


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LePanShark 1628518369 ago

such a cutie uwu

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Legoman99573 1628750879 ago

femboy sex time

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Stolynn 1631150724 ago

Hey Fluffy! I'm trying to upload this and it's saying there's an error with the scripts! :)

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KasukeTheBeast 1630340174 ago

theres a problem... Unity keeps saying there is an issue and it wont import into vrc wont read the rig

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wpg1993 1629809784 ago

saw it on the main page plus your insta and i just had to download it

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_PinaColada_ 1628704353 ago

so good and amazing! very cute, but sadly I don't know how to upload it :(

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