Stig's Spring Joint

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-I made this myself and did not use any other existing spring joint asset- --INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE-- -> First Import the package into your unity, It comes with the free pyomi toon shaders needed. (IF YOU ALREADY HAVE POY IN YOUR PACKAGE JUST DISABLE IT IN THE IMPORT) -> Then open up the folder and open the scene. Then just drag the Sphere onto your avatar and remove the new scene. -> Now you wanna take the Sphere and position it at the end of your Index finger or where you want it. -> To get the spring joint working correctly you want to find the Finger/Object on your avatar you want the spring joint connected to and go to the end bone and add a "Rigidbody" Component to it. -> Next, Click the sphere and on the springjoint component there will be an option to add a rigidbody, Drag the finger bone onto that and set the "Connected Anchor" X Y Z all to 0 if not already done. -> That should be it actually set up. Now if you want to toggle it off, Make sure to toggle off the "Mesh renderer" and not the Sphere it'self or the spring joint will break, Same with the trail renderer and there's also particles you can enable :) Need any more help then add my Discord- Stig#0001 <3

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nice lookin

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very pretty!

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