Assassin's Creed II - Ezio Auditore

Uploaded by F 1521047706 ago


Since people were complaining about the bloody version, I dug through the data files to upload a non-bloody version. Before someone goes out of their way to complain and link an off-site model. Instead of complaining and saying "There's a better one blah blah blah" make your own instead of mine if you want. But don't cry over free things.

18k Polys.
Dynamic bones.
Dependencies included.

Cubeds Unity Shader Required -

Double Sided Shaders required -

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OHFISHALBatman 1542758821 ago

The textures are pink, but I have both shaders installed

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kayhotic 1535979134 ago

can you do altair?

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F Author 1522589231 ago

@Online R3tard It's literally in the description... Please don't be what your name suggests.

@MaTo I have no issues with it.

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MaTo 1522249019 ago

can't Build & Publish

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Online R3tard 1521716645 ago


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F Author 1521336260 ago

The hood and cape are Double Sided and the rest is Cubed's Flat Lit toon.

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Online R3tard 1521221583 ago

It does not work with cubed shaders.

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ExperiencedTribesman 1521171519 ago

Sexy af!

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osiris32 1521171088 ago

@fjonken I think technically you can use, Double Sided Shaders ( ) it is very similar to cube shaders.

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Dilfix 1521157983 ago

You need the cubed shaders add-on

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fjonken 1521130981 ago

Textures are pink!

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