Yuno Gasai (black dress)

Uploaded by YumiOkami 1521050968 ago


(Materials might be be transparent, just change them to opaque)
Dynamic bones ?
Eye tracking ?
Lip sync ?

I hope you enjoy~

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Asguinn 1574819485 ago

There is no .Unity file in the package when opening in Unity. How do you load this for upload?

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aestheticpotato 1525199818 ago

In unity there is a bunch of random files and i cant seem to find the correct file for the model it self

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Makexenoandchara 1524964927 ago

theres no open thing in the folder when you download it to unity

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LilUgly 1524415337 ago

1 poly over and i do not know how to remove that 1 poly lol so if anyone can help me

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Drakeos 1524275144 ago

Possible someone to do dymanic bone's ?

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VillainDeku 1523425332 ago

nice very nice

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kaneki666 1523002039 ago

literally 1 poly over...

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XultimategamrX 1522539244 ago

Just added Lip tracking, Eye tracking, and blinking. No dynamic bones yet. Working on it, unless someone else can do it because I'm not that good at dynamic bones yet. There is two Yuno's in the folder. One is ready for use (no dynamic bones) and the other is using some dynamic bones for "Jiggle Physics". Feel free to try both, but the second one is not ready

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Razor 1522503454 ago

thank you, if possible could you add lip sync

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ll1k4 1521470148 ago

sorry that there is no dynamic bones and lip sync =(

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Rika360 1521243241 ago

MuscleEditor para resolver el problema de poligonos!LdQ1hI5K!tIxplTzW1txUEx_Mcx5rKdA0m7nn2gJB3-Gtt7HSSFI

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soarinace 1521199005 ago

Package doesnt have a scene file?

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ExperiencedTribesman 1521171534 ago

Well done. I'd bang

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Rika360 1521158334 ago

that I should be able to upload friends

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MopandBucket 1521150553 ago

Yesterday when i tried it had 20,000. That is just 1 to many polys

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Rika360 1521103681 ago

tiene 20.000. en poligonos, no me deja subirlo por eso... vuelvelo a subirlo, pero esta vez con 19.999. poligonos por favor...

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Guppyriella 1521055530 ago

idk why but it doesnt work for me. says its too many. ive tried many times now.

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YumiOkami Author 1521055051 ago

o.O it has 19,999. thats not too many.

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Guppyriella 1521054226 ago

it worked but not it says it has too many polygons to publish it

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YumiOkami Author 1521053314 ago

well i updated it ( don't know if its working or not) but if its not here~

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YumiOkami Author 1521052577 ago

Its submitting now, should be fixed.

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Guppyriella 1521052041 ago

idk if u fixed it but it still doesnt work. please let me know when its fixed ive been dying for a yuno model

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Guppyriella 1521051650 ago

alright thank you

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YumiOkami Author 1521051611 ago

Sorry! I have 2 files, wasn't sure which one was the one that worked. I'll fix it ^^

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Guppyriella 1521051341 ago

doesnt go into unity.

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