Stig's Tactical Vest (READ DESCRIPTION)

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*IMPORTANT* To get this to work properly with your avatar you're gonna have to take it into blender and weight paint it to your avatar, There are plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to do so, It's easy. Example video by Ask Amber *YOU WILL ALSO NEED POYOMI 7 SHADERS AVAILABE FOR FREE FROM HERE* :- Personally I used Poyomi Toon 7.2.41. I'd reccomend you use the same or similar. So fistly, Import the correct shaders then inmort my package for it to work correctly. THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES:- ALL 4K TEXTURES, With Normal, Height and AO maps. The FBX of the Vest. All materials set up. The Prefab if you're not gonna weight paint it. MAKE SURE TO TAKE IT INTO BLENDER OR IT WILL NOT MOVE CORRECTLY WITH YOUR AVATAR.

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