Ugandan Knuckles (Uganda World Edition)

Uploaded by Legoman99573 1633381164 ago


This avatar is used in the Uganda World and anyone can use it. All knuckles textures will work just fine + can upload for quest version by itself (unless you add props like a hat or necklace, I recommend making it 1 mesh in blender) Note: Fredsoldaten's textures and flag on the back are not included as he does not want them redistributed and only permits use for the Uganda World and avatars associated with them, with exceptions of asking him for permission first, but will allow the default eyes and body texture to be shared for reference. So do not ask me for the textures as I will not hand them out. The image depicts what the avatar should look like when uploaded. But in all. SEX :)

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In loving memory of Neegan. Sex.

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Learn how to install avatars, models and more here! Very quick 1 minute easy to follow videos.

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