Alastor the Radio Demon! (Old Legacy Model by Kristopher)

Uploaded by kristifr 1634361452 ago


"You're never fully dressed without a smile!" // DOWNLOAD UPDATED PACKAGE HERE: ( // Finally - after months of demanding from many - I am making my old Alastor avatar public for any creative folks to use freely! I am unaware if this model works in full-body without IKTweaks, however that shouldn't be hard to fix. Requirements include the following; VRC Avatar SDK 3.0, Dynamic Bones, and Poiyomi Toon Shader. // Head and staff made by MilestheHedgehog on DeviantArt - Textures, body and hands modelled by me, Kristopher.

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LightGreen 1634427102 ago

Vedy nace

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SweBerra 1634377843 ago

Love it, but it's missing the menu things and staff.

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ReconRaze1072 1636175523 ago

What version of Unity do I need for this model?

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mindlessgonzo 1635323120 ago

Staff not wanting to show... am I doing something wrong?

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