'Show My Avatar IDIOT' Fallback Avatar

Uploaded by Monkegues 1634632623 ago


A simple yet effective fallback avatar that encourages other players to show your real avatar!

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SaladoJoestar 1634742035 ago

Or you could just learn how to properly optimize your avatars and upload them as a fallback?

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Legoman99573 1634815276 ago

This avatar got me the biggest sex of all when they showed my 100 material and 30 skinned mesh avatar. Would recommend.

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Mage_Enderman 1634867085 ago


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gamerbro186 1636182903 ago

I already got a Mob of the dead Zombie as my fallback, and my Avatars are optimized BUT this would still be useful for what I'm planning on making next

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milkneryjames 1635030085 ago


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