The PaleKing [Hollow Knight][Maybe Broke]

Uploaded by TrixxedHeart 1521161879 ago


I have decided to remove all of my files off of VRCMods, if you want them. go here

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TrixxedHeart Author 1529816338 ago

Also perhaps try this vrchat://launch?id=wrld_40950da5-6382-4f1f-9da5-931032a4bea9:3611~public(Rc66ZNvo8oX92BZSkiMSmnfEAzrHHk)~nonce(U2s4kG52R18al7utfM0Lh8OpBa4hkZ)

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TrixxedHeart Author 1529816196 ago

It's currently set to friends only, however send me a friend request on VRChat through the social search and I'll accept it so you can join it. (Same as my name on here)

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MustacheWhale 1529800737 ago

I can't even find the world. I search for it and nothing shows up.

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Grendor 1527951094 ago

I found it, but still I'd like to have one I can swap into at will. Also, any chance you can upload your Zote model?

Would you have any interest in doing Hive Knight?

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TrixxedHeart Author 1527874650 ago

I do have a working version in my world (Trick's Hollow Knight Avatars) I just wanna remodel it before I re-upload to vrcmods

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Grendor 1527869982 ago

I love the thought, shame it's broken. I sincerely hope you re-release this one updated.

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Naegato 1523321102 ago

it didn't work

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TrixxedHeart Author 1521401769 ago

For those who are downloading try importing the Dynamic bones and Cubed shaders first then the PK file

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Naegato 1521392126 ago

could you upload the fixed model to another site? sketchlab? and link it.

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SpriteThePixl 1521390147 ago

I absolutely love this model! I have no bugs (ah puns) using it aside from occasionally the effects used with hand gestures overlap, tho that is probs just a vrc bug. Keep up the good work! :D

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TrixxedHeart Author 1521319951 ago

Probably because VRCMods won't let me upload the fixed version

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FaceMcShooty1337 1521315271 ago

Hello i cant load it in Unity. Why?

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Yalort 1521223516 ago

I'm not sure what went wrong, but its purple when loading the avatar.
I tried adding cubedunityshaders but it made no difference.

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TrixxedHeart Author 1521222434 ago

I'm probably gonna redo the model, it's awful compared to my others

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