Drawn to Life: VRChat Edition

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This is my VRChat version of 'Hero' based on the 'Drawn to Life' series. The avatar is already rig and can be accessed by opening the 'DrawnToLifeVRScene' scene. Once you opened the scene, head to Assets < Avatars < Drawn to Life VR. Right-click 'DrawntoLifeVRChatTxt.png' and select 'Open in File Explorer' Alternatively, you can use the template provided here in the image previews. From here, open the template in your favorite art program, draw within the blue UV outlines and import it to your Unity project. I suggest keeping the view at Y1.65 even if it doesn't align with your avatar's eyes as it messes with your arms in odd ways. You can upload this avatar onto Quest if you don't mind a boxed-out drawing. Otherwise, I'd stick to PC with a cutout material With all that said, I'd love to see what you guys come up with. Whether it's an original sketch or a meme

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SaladoJoestar 1636371014 ago

This is a very original,creative and easy way of making your own avatar even if its quite limited of obvius reasons. props to you man, looks amazing!

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DomsAnimationStudios 1635924951 ago

This is awesome and I enjoy using this.

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