Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell

Uploaded by manek 1521332522 ago


did u ever wanted to protect her ?
did u wanted to stand against her bullies?
well now you can
get in her shoes and turn her in the character she wants to be
cute model that i found and converted in a hurry
although the viscemes dont work when i apply an animator override if you know why ill be glad to listen
model put togheter by:
this model uses cubed shader,dynamic bones and includes viscemes an eye tracking
Edit: added animations and atlas mesh fixed some issues in the mesh
shift + f8 anger
shift + f6 tongue out
shift + f4 ashamed
shift +f2 droling

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manek Author 1527050102 ago

@Toasty i don´t own this model i just edited it so is viable on vrchat if tou´re gonna edit it i´ll recomend you use the original model from the autor
otherwise i don´t mind if you edited as long as you don´t break the terms of use of vrchat so go ahead

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Toasty 1526991939 ago

Is it okay if I change some of the textures and the colours of this model?

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Xaric 1523405368 ago

@manek I know but I can only get the drooling to work.

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manek Author 1523340887 ago

@xaric the animations have some kind of delay for ome reason

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Xaric 1523260043 ago

Only the drooling works

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SpriteThePixl 1521337369 ago

I can finally play as my waifu :^)

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Guppyriella 1521334703 ago

doesnt work

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