Uploaded by Rogi 1516190994 ago


I think I'm on a watch list now


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TrashStars 1598036352 ago


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JayJay 1567188501 ago

Make also the other ships from Mutsuki-class

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Meyers07 1517360705 ago

This isn't Kisaragi, this is Alas=Ramus

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Rogi Author 1517287109 ago

Atomic Storm, feel free to upload your version :)

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Zearyen 1517251570 ago

@Atomic Storm i doubt it would be bad

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Atomic Storm 1517088445 ago

Do you mind me uploading a highly updated version of this. I have added Dynamic Bones (Hair, Ears, Skirt) , a gun and facial expressions for vr users

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HazeUsendaya 1516671618 ago

@thepvphunter Just change the texture to blue :D

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ThePvPHunter 1516510127 ago

Can you upload the blue hair version of this model? Because I like blue.

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Rogi Author 1516234482 ago

sure, ill look into it :)

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iknotheabcs 1516223317 ago

Can you do Fumio Murakami?? I cant find her anywhere :(

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