Rexouium Tuxedo

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Let's get fancy for prom night. - In order to achieve the presented aesthetic, you are required to use the PoiyomiToonShader: - To get this asset working on your model, follow this video I made that uses the same steps: - To prevent a clipping issue caused by the breathing animation, I would strongly recommend removing the 'Idle' layer in the 'FX_Overriders 1' controller as shown in the preview. - As a disclaimer, this package does not include the Rexouium avatar, just the tuxedo. You can get the avatar from it's rightful owner @Rezilo Ryker on gumroad: - This is not a model I created. I simply reproportioned and re-rigged the humanoid Prom Suit model upload by Gr4y_Chap: - JOIN THE DISCORD FOR RELEVANT CONTENT AND SUPPORT!

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RayDoughnut 1641163764 ago

this is for neganvr, sex

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crackersaregood 1643429364 ago


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PapaPootOs 1638846840 ago

yo, thanks for the tuxedo, really helped me out

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