Christmas Hat By Heinekenpapi#1664 (Quest Compatible, No Dynamic Bones)

Uploaded by lethalbas 1639939141 ago


A vrchat xmas hat to celebrate holiday season 2021 vrc: heinekenpapi discord: heinekenpapi#1664 usage instructions: 1- import vrcsdk and your avatar 2- import unitypackage 3- add hat prefab to scene 4- position hat to avatars head 5- add hat to armature below head bone 6- make hat toggles in menu (optional)* *the following video gives a good explaination on how to add menu toggles on vrchat avatar: The model is optimized for quest, by default it uses the quest shaders. Please don't ask for me to do props/avatars on request, I make what I like and I share what I like. Also please have a basic understanding of unity, I am wanting to help with simple questions but I don't teach unity basics.

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