Yoshino Himekawa

Uploaded by NaoTomori 1642295702 ago


hey guys im back and here to make on my promise to update the Yoshino model this time with better textures and improved bones which allowed me to use more dynamic bones for her tail her ears and most importantly her dress V1.0.0 Features - Dynamic Bones - Skirt Hair and Tail Physics Hope you like her Please do leave Feedback if you want the original model follow the link down below https://www.deviantart.com/azureberylblue/art/Yoshino-FBX-3D-Model-887538382 what you will require for the model to work at its best - VRCHATSDK 3.0 it does work for 2.0 but that one will be removed in future updates - shader of your choice - Dynamic bones (which you can find on the Unity asset store) please keep the settings for the dynamic bones on the model as is its already set up for you

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Wadu 1648455057 ago

missing all prefabs

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Tornado 1647769091 ago

When I clicked publish it just gave me an error

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PhoBowl 1642332480 ago

cant publish, error with the files

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Fnyn 1642330262 ago

missing prefabs

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