Sakamata Chloe

Uploaded by Lyeco 1642350002 ago


Sakamata Chloe from Hololive
The Orca who is the Intern of the Holox Society

Poiyomi Shader 7.3 (
Dynamic bones (

Contains Visemes, Emotes, and Accessories
Optimization Rank: Medium

Gestures are on the pictures list. Please check out for their corresponding controls

Do note that emotes are disabled by default. Make sure to enable them in the expressions menu.


Problems? Contact me on Discord: Healbot #1337

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Shr00m 1648299707 ago

I still have no idea how you get ahold of these. The official site only has Hololive Gen 4.

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DyZetsu 1643763115 ago

Yooo this is awesome, uploaded into unity and everything worked perfectly with uploading, tyty!

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Drake_F1R3 1642716509 ago

can you make a quest version? I want to use this as a fall back avatar.

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